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My Sprinkler system is not going on?
Make sure your clock is plugged in. Rain sensor active and working properly? (has it rained in the last 24-48 hours). The dial is not in the auto position
Can I bypass the rain sensor?
Yes. On a newer system there is a button on the bottom, left front of the clock, move it to off, and this will allow the system to bypass the rain sensor. (You must push the button back to on, the sprinkler system will go on in the rain).
My clock says no A/C power?
The clock is not plugged in. There is no electric to the outlet. The transformer is not good. The clock is not good.
How do I run a test to see if all the heads are working?
Go to the clock and press MANUAL then press ENTER. This will run each zone for 1 minute. When the watering is done, it will resume back to the regular watering schedule.
My Landscaper put down chemicals and said to water now?
Go to the clock and press MANUAL then press ENTER. This will run each zone for 1 minute. When the watering is done, it will resume back to the regular watering schedule.
Can I run just one zone?
Yes, if you slide the zone pin up to the top (manual on). This will stay on until you slide the zone pin all the way to the bottom (manual off). Remember to slide the pin back to the original minutes.
My sprinkler goes on more than once a day?
You have more then one start time set. You only need one to start the cycle.
My sprinkler goes on 12 hours later then set?
The am/pm is wrong on the clock time or the start time.
The heads don’t pop up on one zone and there is a lot of water on the ground?
There might be a broken head or pipe on that zone.
One of my sprinkler heads has a pool of water around it all the time, even when it has been off for 12 hours?
The solenoid valve is not closing all the way. The valve needs to be cleaned and rebuilt. This will warrant a service call. There is nothing wrong with the head.
One head is popping up but not working?
The nozzle is clogged. You need to remove the old nozzle and flush the line out and install a new nozzle.
Can I shut off a zone?
Yes, move the slide pin for that zone down to manual off. This will not let that zone go on.
Can I water my front lawn every day and my back lawn every other day?
Yes, you can do this by setting up two programs in the clock. Set program A for every day, and program B for every other day. Then go down to the bottom of clock where it says A,B,C, and slide the front zone to A, and put the other zone to B. If you are an In The Green Landscaping, Inc. Customer this will be set up in your clock already, so all you have to do is slide the A, B in at the bottom of the clock.
When the electric goes out, why do I have to reset the clock?
The battery needs to be replaced. This should be done once a year. (Don’t let dead battery sit in the clock this will ruin the clock. If you unplug the clock for the winter make sure you remove the battery).
Do I have a valve box?
If In The Green Landscaping, Inc. installed the sprinkler system, Yes, you have a valve box. This is usually a green colored box in the ground that the system valves are in.
Do I have a guarantee on my new sprinkler system?
Yes. In The Green Landscaping, Inc. will give you a 3 year warrantee on parts & labor on any system we installed. If any part should be defective from the factory we will replace it free of charge. We do not cover lawn sprinkler heads that have been damage or broken by your landscaper.
Do you guarantee plant material?
Yes. We give you a 30 day free replacement, and only 1 replacement. Plants are living objects and there is no way for us to tell how you have been taking care of it after we have left the job site.
Do I have to be home to get the sprinkler system winterized?
Most of the time no. You have three steps you have to do inside of the house for us to winterize it. First, shut the lawn sprinkler water valve to off. Second, go to the clock and turn it to off. Third, call the office at 516-679-0101 and tell us that you have completed these steps and book an appointment.
How do I know were, and what valve, is for the sprinkler system?
The valve is usually by the water meter or main. The sprinkler line has a yellow tag that says SPRINKLER SYSTEM TURN OFF VALVE. Turn this valve 90 degrees. When the water is off, the valve handle should be horizontal to the pipe as seen in the picture below.
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